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In this 30 minute insightful “face to face” discussion via remote link, you and your partner will:

Learn how digital overuse impacts your child’s brain, body and beliefs;

Understand the benefits of balancing a healthy digital diet within your family’s lifestyle;

Receive practical suggestions to give your child the gift of good digital habits and discipline;

Discuss age-appropriate content and screen time;

Get tips on how to talk to your children about exposure to pornography and other forms of inappropriate digital material;

Be inspired to create and set up your own Digital Family Alliance.



In this 30 minute coaching conversation , you  will:

Learn how digital overuse impacts your brain, body and beliefs;

Understand the benefits of balancing a healthy digital diet within your lifestyle;

Receive practical suggestions to reap the rewards of good digital habits and discipline;

Uncover deeper assumptions and beliefs behind digital use behaviour;

Gain insights into the creation and marketing of digital products  and how they are designed to be addictive.



Attending a Digital Awareness Talk as a parent, teacher or student group, kick starts an understanding of the need to balance a digital diet with other priorities, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and helps builds community commitment to work together to face the digital challenges of our age.

In a 60 minute interactive discussion, Josh covers:

His personal story of healing an unhealthy digital diet;

The neuroscience behind the persuasive technology built into our digital devices, and why they are so hard to put down;

The impacts of excessive gaming and social media on learning, memory, our bodies and our beliefs about the world;

Digital peer pressure, FOMO vs JOMO and the impacts of an ‘always-on’ digital life;

The Fantasy vs Reality implications of social media, pornography and gaming;

Hyper-stimulating digital media and addictive behaviour;

Creativity vs Imitation – how apps and programming impact our creativity.



By working with parents, teachers and students in parallel, this program helps to stimulate an understanding of how to balance the positive impact of digital use in education, against the negatives of excessive or inappropriate use , and helps to unify the school community in its commitment to good digital habits.

Parents are empowered with an enlightening and interactive discussion around the digital component of their “licence to parent”;

Teachers are able to discuss, in a facilitated forum, the challenges of teaching in the digital age, and are presented with new perspectives and tool;

Learners receive age appropriate guidance through grade specific, interactive sessions which also assist in identifying trends and areas of concern for remedial action;

A Comprehensive Report, including anonymous, facilitated grade-specific surveys, will reveal levels of exposure to inappropriate content and give indicators of parent/child relationship health – a powerful motivator for school / parental engagement and a platform for digital policy change;

All participants in this program are ultimately enabled to distinguish between school and parental responsibilities in respect of the screen time and content to which learners have access.