We can help your parents with their digital parenting challenges

We can help with your digital
parenting challenges


Interactive talks and workshops for parents,teachers and learners

Do you need to upskill and support your school’s parents in their digital parenting role?
  • Practical, logical and engaging school talks for students and parents.
  • Interactive teachers workshops addressing the challenges of teaching in the digital age.
  • Student led Digital Citizenship learning program
  • Student led Digital Wellness champion training
  • Safe Social Media alternative for primary school learners to practice digital citizenship
  • Assistance with digital policy and curriculum adaptation.
  • Comprehensive network and infrastructure assessments at schools
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Digital Citizenship programme (grade 0-12)

Your school needs a sustainable digital citizenship programme!
Digital Citizenship needs to be driven by your students for your students. Students are supported by training and provided resources to deliver key digital citizenship awareness presentations to the greater school body. With the internationally recognised eCadets student digital citizenship programme your school will have a community of student digital wellness champions reporting on and supporting healthy digital habits in your school. Victims of cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content and inappropriate online relationships are most likely to confide in a peer in their age group. With the eCadet resources and training you can ensure that when this disclosure occurs, your staff are made aware of the problem and your students can get the support they need.

Safe social media platform for teaching healthy digital habits online (grade 1-8)

What if you could offer your students the opportunity to learn about Social Media, by letting them use it, with the confidence that they would be safe online and learn healthy digital habits?
Primary school students use on average 5 social media platforms, despite being under the age of consent to do so. Living in a connected world has massive benefits. We can no longer avoid the fact that our students will seek out online interactions. By providing them a safe alternative to the mainstream Social Media platforms we can:
  • Support their natural curiosity while ensuring they are safe
  • Help them practice practical Digital Citizenship
  • Protect them from Inappropriate adult contact online
The internationally award willing social media platform GoBubble, created by a former cyber crime detective and an e safety consultant for Twitter is a South African first which ensures students learn practical digital citizenship skills while staying safe online:
  • Each child is verified by a prescreened teacher
  • Content posted by students is algorithmically monitored and inappropriate text, video and audio posting is not possible
  • Attempts at posting inappropriate material is flagged for intervention and digital citizenship learning opportunities

Cyber security server and network assessments

Do you know how well protected your school is protected against digital miss-use?
Through our preferred partner Dial a Nerd can perform comprehensive network and infrastructure assessments at schools, which will:
  • Identify weaknesses in school networks that may result in security issues or liability.
  • Recommend any network upgrades required to future-proof your school.
  • Identify policies and procedures needing review and consultation