Overcoming Technology Addiction – For Dummies

David N. Greenfield

A guidebook to beating internet addiction and screen overuse and for living a fuller life There's no escaping it we live in a digital world. We work, play, socialize, and learn online, and the Internet provides many amazing opportunities. Unfortunately, because of our basic biology, we're all susceptible to overuse and addiction to screens. Video games, social media, porn, and even scrolling online, taps into that pleasurable dopamine reward system.

So, when is it time to log off or put the phone down and get help? Overcoming Internet Addiction For Dummies gives you the information, resources, and the self-assessment tools you need to discover how much is too much, along with practical suggestions on what to do about it. Learn how to take back control of your time and attention--or help your kids or loved ones get control of theirs. This comprehensive, user-friendly overview of Internet addiction is full of helpful and proven methods to help foster a healthy, balanced, and sustainable life with screens. Discover the basic biology of addiction, including why children and teens are especially susceptible.

Become aware of the cognitive, psychological, and physical effects excess Internet and screen use. Learn how social media, video gaming, and Internet pornography could be getting in the way of real-time living. Find out why smartphones are not smart for you to use all the time. Understand the science of how and why you can become addicted to your screens so you can unplug more easily and use your time for what matters most. Empower yourself and your children to build a positive relationship with the Internet and digital technology.

This book can help you and your loved ones plug back into life and show you where you can find information, resources, support, and treatment. Overcoming Internet Addiction is about taking back control of your time and attention and learning to manage your screen use, so it doesn't manage you.

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