Digital Family Assessment




Digital Family Assessment

Grow to guide & protect your family



Trust us to advise you on your hugely important digital parenting role, protecting and guiding your kids on their journey through the digital world. Just being a bit more conscious about your kids’ parallel digital lives is a huge step ahead, and one you can take today!

Your inputs to our Be In Touch Digital Family Assessment, about the devices that YOUR family uses, will help us guide you on your family’s digital wellness journey.

We’ll give you clear steps and tips for managing all your devices (phones, tablet, computers, TV’s and gaming consoles) as well as your WiFi, including:

• Privacy and security settings – changing default settings;

• Parental controls, filters & limits – choosing the best options for your family;
Social media apps & games – insights into "real age" ratings, safety and privacy

• Family digital habits – tips on managing “how much” and ‘’what”;

Take ownership of your "license to parent" - it is more important now than ever before, and is quite possibly one of the best gifts you can give your kids for their future!


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