Pornography & Violence

Kids are being exposed to adult sites younger and younger. Parents need to keep in mind that online porn is nothing like the porn that teens of previous generations had access too. Online porn is hard-core, XXX-rated, and is being classified as the new drug. It is highly addictive and the younger the exposure, the greater the addiction. The aggressive/ submissive and violent theme of online porn significantly affects how young, developing minds view and approach intimate relationships later in life.


There are steps we can take to limit the chance of inadvertent exposure, but experts are of the view that it is more a case of “when than if”.


If your child has been shown or watched porn, preparing for a conversation with them is key. Take a deep breath, read our blog on how to approach the chat, and then sit down and talk to them.


Use parental control filters to prevent initial and ongoing access to inappropriate adult websites, and to limit and filter social media apps and games, which are often the initial source of pornography exposure.


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