April 20, 2020

Age verification for porn

The Australian Parliamentary Committee has announced its support for the implementation of online age verification for online pornography in Australia, recognising this as critical to the […]
February 26, 2020

Help! My kid has seen Porn, now what?

This is a question I have been asked a lot since my TEDx talk, where I spoke about my own journey in healing an unhealthy relationship […]
February 24, 2020

Creating your Digital family alliance

Research shows that children’s usage of screens is directly related to parent’s usage. Modelling healthy screen use is a powerful way to impact your children’s behaviour. […]
August 6, 2019

Proposed South African law to protect our children from pornography

A recent blog on new proposed South African legislation to protect children from exposure to pornogrpahy
August 2, 2019

Mini blog: United States media hub Deseret news reflects on lack of regulation of access to online services by minors

In a trend which we are seeing in more and more countries, the Utah based news hub Deseret News joins the growing conversation about the concern […]
May 22, 2019

PG what? Real age restrictions in a virtual world

Parents are always in the best position to manage their children’s access to age-inappropriate content in the digital world – be it TV, movies, games, websites […]
May 20, 2019

Push-me-pull-you: the lure of the digital world

Technology companies use cutting edge behavioural psychology to keep your children glued to their digital devices. Social media and gaming offer a simplified risk-free world for […]