Josh Ramsey
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Author: Josh Ramsey

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Its almost that time of year again, exams and final tests for our kids. If it’s exam time in your family it probably means… study timetable – check brain food stocked up – check tolerating bad tempers and stress levels - check keeping the pets quiet and other distractions to a...

At Be in Touch  we are concerned with all aspects of digital well-being, and we are so excited to have partnered with the biggest Nerds in the land, who know a lot more about tech than we do. South Africa's original Information Technology support company Dial A Nerd  is leading the way...

TIME FOR A SPRING DETOX?    How digitally addicted are you?  Technology is not all bad – hey, it’s what we’re using to communicate on this very platform! Like everything though, balance is key.  Time Magazine reports that 68% of us sleep next to our phones, and that 81% of us have our smartphones...

This is a question I have been asked a lot since my TEDx talk, where I spoke about my own journey in healing an unhealthy relationship with pornography. Check out the talk HERE Although it is close to home for all of us in this age, I can relate to the...