We are a group of parents and aspiring parents, with psychology, legal and marketing backgrounds. We were brought together by our passion for managing how our kids experience and engage with the digital world they are growing up in. Be in Touch was born out of our ongoing search for the best practical tools to add to our digital parenting repertoire, and a desire to share those tools with other parents.

We offer a continually developing range of services and resources.

our team

Josh Ramsey
Educator | EduTech Consultant | Founder

Having survived a degree in psychology, philosophy, and coaching, Josh spent his twenties travelling the world working as a model, actor and later a stuntman. He has seen first-hand the illusion of the ‘entertainment engine’ and decided to pursue purpose over profit. His broad scope of experience from working in organisational development to holding workshops for teens and tweens, means he always begins with the end in mind, and brings humour to every interaction with adults and children.

Kate Farina
Mother | Thinker | Visionary | Founder

From an interest in marine biology which broadened to “swimming with sharks” in a corporate environment as an environmental lawyer, Kate has always got involved in ventures that channel her passion for motivating others and making a difference. She has a husband who views Whatsapp as the pinnacle of social media, and so, as an almost 50-year-old mum of two tweens, keenly felt the pressure to better understand the digital world and how to manage its impact on her kids.
The concept of Be In Touch was born, out of the realisation that the intel she was gathering was wanting to be shared by other like-minded parents, also doing their best to try and keep afloat in the modern age of parenting.
Andrea Ellens
Mother | Marketer | Strategist | Founder

Defined as a “slasher” (as in having multiple job titles, not as in a serial killer!), Andrea grew up with a university computer science lecturer for a father, who believed computers were for programming not for fun. She remembers tracing the 1st digital contour maps of Betty’s Bay during her BSc, long before Google maps had been invented. She has worked in the marketing world, across many domains, from spices to financial services, and retail to coffee, and loves a good marketing challenge.
She understands and uses the digital world as a super-useful tool to manage and crunch data, but relies heavily on her long-suffering IT Systems Engineering guru of a husband to demystify the inner workings of it.