Educate AND Entertain!

Following on from our blog on choosing fun AND functional screen time options, we were asked for some great suggestions that combine the two. We’ve cast around, and come up with some amazing options, depending on the interests of your kiddos. Check these out!

Got a budding artist in the family? Or maybe just looking for some meditational time out (don’t underestimate the amazing benefits of doodling!

Create unique and mesmerizing tessellations and mandalas on your tablet with Amaziograph Or try Scribblify, a one-of-a-kind universal painting app for children and adults of all ages and skill levels.  And don’t miss Krita, a professional free and open source painting program, made by artists supporting affordable art tools for everyone.

One thing All kids LOVE is music – singing, listening and even making it!

For the very young ones, combining learning numbers or the alphabet with singing and dancing is a winning formula, and the zany Jack Hartmann will be a favourite.

Classics for Kids is a free resource, filled with musical treasures, bringing the listening and composing of classical music to life in a fun, gamified way for kids. Fun2Think offers online music making links for all music genres and instruments, perfect for your wannabe DJ.

Who’s in the mood for dancing…?

The younger set will love bobbing around to wacky songs like Banana Banana Meatball with GoNoodle, while the older ones learn new dance moves with KidzBop.

With all sorts of cool apps available these days, video and movie making is becoming a seriously cutting-edge skill!

Animoto has tutorials and templates to help you easily make your own videos – great for tweens and up. And teens looking for guidance on everything from screenwriting to sound, visual effects and editing, should definitely check out the free tools on Film It.

Looking to stretch young (and old) brains? Practice your sudoku or try a memory game.

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