Tripping and Touring online

Did you feel like the FOMO that was induced by our lock down, triggered an overwhelming need to visit places that hitherto were not on your bucket list? For our family, the grocery store trip became a hot and much contested ticket! Turns out that travelling might well be one of my strongest desires, even beating a perfectly baked cheesecake.

My kids are turning out to be avid adventurers too, and I have been craftily using this to push them towards an array of really cool online tours and adventures, as a not-so-obvious (well to me, anyway!) substitute for screen time that is otherwise increasingly filled with videos by people busy experiencing their own real lives and packaging it for the virtual lives of the rest of us. Whether you want to stay on terra firma or check out of here and head for the stars, there are so many options to choose from. Join us on this special tour we created to broaden our horizons:

Look back at the stars as we head back to earth and pick out the planets and constellations that you can see from your part of the world.

Museums are really cool places to visit, and here, no one will tell you to keep the noise levels down!

Art is in the eye of the beholder, so skip what doesn’t make you happy and head straight for what does. We’ve found art tours that have been made “made for, with, and by kids”!

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