Doodling for brains

Decoding the art of doodling

Looking for a screen alternative to keep your kids busy, and still boost their creativity, health and wellness, positive thinking, and memory-building? Doodling is a powerful art form that helps kids and teens think, focus and relax!

Doodling has actually been found to be a “thinking tool”, affecting how we process information and solve problems. When couple with listening to classical music, it has been proven to improve memory. Doodling affects your heart rate and helps with relaxation and centering of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

According to Sunni Brown, author of “The Doodle Revolution: Unlock the Power to Think Differently”, doodling is thought to light up different networks in the brain, leading to “ah-ha” moments when the solution to a problem you’ve been struggling with suddenly becomes evident.

If you want to see your kids’ thinking, problem-solving and immune systems boosted, get them to switch off their screens for a bit and join a family doodling session. Perhaps there is a topic or a problem you want to seed the session with as you hand out paper and markers. As everyone begins doodling, you will be amazed with the creative, problem-solving space the whole family starts to occupy. Playing some inspiring music in the background will boost this thinking space to a new level.

Give it a try, and see just how creative your family can be in finding solutions to problems big and small!

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