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We find ourselves in extraordinary and testing times. However, as with all challenges, there are opportunities to come out of this stronger and wiser.

Anticipating the greater amount of time that all of us will be spending at home in the foreseeable future – some of it spent learning or working online – there has never been a better time to make sure that your family’s devices are protected. (Besides wiping them down with a sanitiser!)

We all need any extra peace of mind that we can get right now, and arguing with kids about their device use, being held hostage to ransomware, or fighting a virtual virus are not on anyone’s radar. Home network protection is an unavoidable need in our age. As cyber criminals get smarter, so too does our protection need to get smarter. Did you know that printers and CCTV cameras have become some of the weakest links into a home network?

When deciding on parental controls for tablets and smartphones, there are many options to consider – some attach to your wi-fi router, some are App-based and some are both.

Key considerations in making a choice are:

  • how often they are updated by the manufacturer or service provider: keep in mind that the products that are supported by consistently updated algorithms, and will therefore work best, are unfortunately not free options
  • how easily they can be hacked: by your kids or anyone else!
  • range of tools offered: screen time limits, site access limits, age restriction limits, tracking, cyber bullying threats, inappropriate messaging
  • whether they provide a safety net for your home only or for devices on the go as well

If you are concerned about what your kids could be exposed to online, we can recommend the Bitdefender Box as one of the best parental filters we have trialled, providing complete protection of all home devices, whether connected to your wi-fi or on the go.

Besides malware and anti-virus protection, it helps you easily track your child’s devices, control appropriate online access and pick up any cyber bullying threats or suspicious online interactions involving your child.

These alerts are priceless opportunities to chat to your child and help them grow, learning about how to conduct themselves online and setting up good digital habits for life.

It is a simple but complete solution to all your digital worries, and when ordering one, you can add on installation by a super-helpful Dial a Nerd technician, if you live in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Cape Town.

Check out the video and link below for more info

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